Trade Kraft specializes in an array of custom merchandising right from caps to bottles, socks to backpacks, and work wear to institutional gifting. We have an umbrella of products to suit every style of event, gifting and promotional products to make your organization stand out !

All Merchandise can be custom-made or custom print on ready available stock as per your requirements. Feel free to contact us with any other requirement apart from the mentioned products and we will promise to deliver as per your request.

  1. Caps to suit every style, color, pattern, or occasion.
  2. Socks with custom knits to adhere to your brand image.
  3. Bottles for that stylish yet functional gifting.
  4. Backpacks with alternative bags for fashionable and performance-oriented merchandising.
  5. Work Outerwear to suit every brand image and highlight each company’s individuality.
  6. Institutional Branded Gifting for that cutting-edge gifting for all your employees to make them feel special.